Health care delivery in a developing country like Pakistan is a huge challenge. Lack of resources and poor investment in health and education has made situation worse. I have a village background where 70% of Pakistani population lives. I have observed problems of lack of health care and education very closely. With this in mind I decided to opt for medical profession. With appropriate guidance of my parents and teachers, I made to the medical college. During my stay in Nishtar medical college, Multan as a medical student, I was determined to have best possible postgraduate medical training.

God almighty Allah has been very kind. I was able to make to United States. I spent seven year as a trainee .Understanding medicine from the basics gave me very unique insight. I was able to understand the value of clinical acumen and application of appropriate diagnostics at appropriate time. I was able to spend two solid year doing clinical research and was able to complete Master of Science. It is very unique opportunity I have I was able to incorporate acumen, diagnostics and research aspects of practice of clinical gastroenterology and hepatology.

I served university of Minnesota as a consultant Gastroenterologist /Hepatologist for 5 years. For the last eight years I am in Islamabad, Pakistan. In my practice we are not only delivering best updated medical care to our patients, we also are doing cutting edge research in the field of digestive and liver diseases .It is our pride to accept the challenges of health care in the field of digestive and liver diseases with utmost dedication, diligence and with latest state of the art technology.